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It’s Time to Leave San Francisco
Illustration courtesy of Irina Blok

That’s it. The Kevin Roose article in the New York Times did it for you. It’s time to leave San Francisco. It’s time to leave Silicon Valley. The Bay Area totally sucks.

Although San Francisco isn’t technically in the Silicon Valley. Semantics.

You live on the Peninsula. Close enough.

You’re drafting an open letter. You have to put something up on Medium. You have to let people know that you’re fed up with this place. You have to write something better than the 2,000 other open letters that have been written about leaving San Francisco. Can you come up with something that will go viral? Can you come up with a unique insight that will get others to leave with you?

That one post about the person leaving for LA did really well. Can you top it? She gets the best of both worlds. She’s leaving the Valley but plans to visit here frequently to maintain her network—leaving, but staying in spirit. You could do something similar. It was liked and shared by a bunch of VCs and tech people, who all declare the Valley is dead but aren’t actually going to leave this place.

You’ve already begun your process to disavow tech and this crazy rat race. You read that other New York Times article and started selling all your tech products. Non-tech products are better. Less of a hassle. Less stressful. You want to go minimalist. Maybe you should be typing this on a typewriter instead. That would be hard-core. You search Etsy. You find a Smith Corona. You order it. Could come in handy later. Now for a record player. Eh. Distractions. Focus.

You gave away your Fitbit last week. It was an ugly negotiation. You’ve shrunk your wardrobe. You are getting close to finally realizing your life goal of being able to fit all of your belongings into your car. Good timing, because U-Haul prices are getting much higher.